WTF: Every member of Congress gets a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to "Hustler"

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Say what you will about LARRY FLYNT, but he’s great at getting under people’s skin.  And there’s no one he antagonizes like politicians.

Flynt decided to give every member of Congress a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to “Hustler” magazine back in 1983 . . . so every member of the House and Senate started getting “Hustler” at their offices every month.

And he’s kept it up for the past 31 years.  As members of Congress come and go, the “Hustler” subscriptions are updated for the new members . . . so all 535 current members still get the magazine.

And it comes in a plain manila envelope that doesn’t have any “Hustler” markings on the front . . . which almost guarantees some staff member winds up opening it.

Congress TRIED to get him to stop in 1984 . . . when 264 members of Congress tried to get the courts to block the mailings.  But they ruled it didn’t qualify as a BURDEN on Congress . . . so the “Hustler” mailings are legal.

(National Journal)

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