WTF? A Woman Who Murdered Someone While Dressed as a Clown in 1990 . . . Then Married Her Victim’s Husband . . . Just Got Caught

The police in Florida just solved a cold case that would give ANYONE nightmares.

Back in 1990, a 40-year-old woman named Marlene Warren in Wellington, Florida answered a knock at her door. It was a CLOWN with white makeup, an orange wig, a red nose, and balloons that said, “You’re the greatest.”

Then the clown pulled out a gun and SHOT Marlene in the face. She died in the hospital two days later.

The case went cold, mainly because the cops focused on Marlene’s husband Michael, who was innocent. But three years ago, the police reopened the case and it led them to a new suspect: The woman who is now married to Michael.

She’s a 54-year-old woman named Shelia Keen-Warren. She was 27 at the time of the murder, and was probably having an affair with Michael, even though he denied it to the cops back in 1990.

But after new interviews with witnesses and new DNA tests, there was enough evidence to indict Shelia. And she was just arrested for first-degree murder.

(NBC News / Buzzfeed

(Here’s her mugshot.)

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