WTH? Red Hot Chili Peppers Instruments Weren't Plugged In During Halftime Show

If you’re someone who freaks out over people NOT performing live at events like the Super Bowl halftime show . . . this might get you fired up:

If you look at some photos from the Super Bowl halftime show, it sure looks like FLEA of the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS didn’t even bother to PLUG IN his bass.  In fact, guitarist JOSH KLINGHOFFER may have been playing air-guitar, too.

Now, there’s a possibility that they’re connected to some sort of a wireless amplification system . . . but in that case, there would still be a transmitter hooked up to the guitars’ output jacks, and they’d be wearing wireless packs.

If they WERE faking it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise . . . in fact, they may have been forced to, due to the weather or production constraints.

Flea seemed to CONFIRM that yesterday in a vague Tweet saying, quote, “No trickery.  No choice, but no trickery.”  No one has commented directly.

By the way, it DID seem like BRUNO MARS was singing live . . . but who knows.  (For photos of the Chili Peppers’ unplugged instruments, hit up this link.  For more, go here and here.)


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