WTH: Robber Is Busted When He Sends His Victim a Facebook Friend Request the Next Day

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This one seems too good to be true, but this guy really IS this stupid.

A woman in Bremerton, Washington was waiting for a ferry on Tuesday, when a guy hit her in the back of the head, stole her iPod and her purse, and took off.  She didn’t get a great look at him, but she did notice a tattoo of a triangle on his neck.

And the next day, she got a Facebook friend request . . . from a 28-year-old guy named Riley Allen Mullins with a tattoo of a triangle on his neck.

That’s right:  The guy who robbed her looked at her license in the purse, got her name, and decided to FRIEND REQUEST her.

So she called the cops, and they arrested Riley for second-degree robbery.

(Kitsap Sun

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