WTH: Woman Went to E.R. Because She Put Pop Rocks in Her Lady Parts to Make Sex Better

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I remember hearing stories about women who’d put POP ROCKS in their mouth before giving oral-related PLEASURES.  But this woman took that idea to a whole new level.

David Myers is an E.R. physician in Newport Beach, California.  And he says the craziest patient he’s ever had was a woman who had put Pop Rocks in her LADY PARTS.

Myers says the woman and her husband were trying to spice things up in their sex life . . . quote, “She said she bought these candy rocks which are supposed to explode and tingle and [add] sensation to their sex.”

But that’s not what ended up happening.  The Pop Rocks ended up causing a BURNING and ITCHING up there . . . so the woman went to the E.R.

Myers didn’t say what he did to treat her.

(Original Story here: Huffington Post)

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