Zombie Apocalypse? Go hide in the Rockies according to Scientists

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It’s nice to see our Ivy League scientists working on real-world problems that affect us day-to-day . . .

A team of researchers at Cornell University just released a new study on where to survive a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. And if you’re thinking it’s an island . . . prepare to have your face eaten off.

They looked at how actual diseases spread, and found the best place to be is . . . the Rocky Mountains. Specifically the northern Rockies in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

The WORST place is pretty much any major city. You’d probably survive a week at most.

They used a surprising amount of math to come up with it. But it basically boils down to exactly what you’re thinking . . . there are fewer people in the Rocky Mountains. Plus it’s probably safe to assume zombies aren’t great mountain climbers.

And if a zombie apocalypse followed the pattern most diseases do, small towns would be largely unaffected for weeks or even months. Even if there were zombies there, you wouldn’t be overrun.

(Newser / Phys.org)


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