ZZ Top Will Finally Get to Play ‘La Grange’ at La Grange

Photo Credit: Maria Ives
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Photo Credit: Maria Ives

ZZ Top will play La Grange for the first time, where it’s likely that they’ll perform their classic 1973 song “La Grange.”
On Sept. 5, the group will perform at the Fayette County Fair, just west of Houston in La Grange, Texas.

The song, however, wasn’t exactly about the town; it was about the Chicken Ranch, located in La Grange.

And the Chicken Ranch, it should be noted, was not a venue in which to purchase produce.

In fact, it was a—how to say it?—bordello.

The song, from their third album Tres Hombres, would become their biggest hit to date.

Frontman Billy Gibbons recently spoke with Radio.com about the song.

“Well, it’s fair to say we liked the blues groove,” he said. “And, of course, the subject matter. It was a pleasant surprise when it began making its splash.”

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The La Grange show is part of a bigger ZZ Top tour, all of which can be found at their website.

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